In August and September, we had Stefan and Simon on board as an electrician trainees at TS Tech A/S.

Stefan and Simon had completed his basic course in electrician education but had not yet found an apprenticeship. During the internship period, Stefan and Jonas has received learning from one of our experienced electricians, which has made them even more sure about their choice of education.

Their internship went really well. We therefore entered into an education agreement with both of them, and they will start immediately as an electrician apprentice with us.

“It has been a pleasure to be an intern at TS Tech. I was well-received since I arrived the first day, and now ended up with an apprentice, so I cannot be more than satisfied. I have been challenged during my internship. I was out on a ship and help pull cables for a mobilization, as well as helping with other exciting electrical tasks. In addition, I have been involved in various renovation tasks, and eventually worked with various things in the workshop. I have only become more curious about working as an electrician, and I look forward to spending my 4 years education at TS Tech A/S, to enhance my skills and gain more learnings. – Stefan.”

This is certainly not the last time we have taken in interns. we are still working on making an effort for interns.

Do you have a dream of becoming an electrician for the industrial sector? You are of course welcome to contact us!

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