With a size of 161×50 m. Pacific Orca is the second largest ship in the world, within wind turbine installation / offshore support vessels. The vessel is equipped with 6 truss-type legs, and able to jack to a safe height of 22 m. above sea level. The 1200 tonne leg-mounted main crane is capable of installing 500 ton heavy nacelles on top of wind turbine towers, 120 m above sea.

The ship was in the port of Esbjerg, to do a various task, where TS Tech was brought in to perform several exciting tasks. A large generator was also installed here, as well as electrical infrastructure for all components on the deck. In addition, Flood light was installed in the ship’s hall in the middle. Finally, the electrical equipment had been PAT-tested. The task was extensive, and required both time and manpower, 24/7.

A mobilization makes the ship ready, and adapted to transport the individual turbines, as well as prepare the ship for the given situation in the actual setup process of wind turbines, out at sea.

At TS Tech, we are specialists in mobilization, and a large part of our business consists of performing tasks such as this.

Thanks to SGRE, and the crew at SBO Pacific Orca for the good cooperation, and look forward to many new tasks together!

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