At TS Tech A/S, we have chosen to be certified in the following 3 standards – ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management and ISO 45001 health and safety management.

Our CEO Thomas V. West talks about the importance of these accreditation for our company:

First of all, we have chosen to implement ISO 9001 quality management, as we have assessed that it creates additional value for us as a company, it guides our employees in their daily work and for the company as a whole, on how we work and the quality of our projects. It is also a tool, to continuously improve and optimize our business procedures and services, which ultimately increases productivity and efficiency so that we can serve our customers and partners so much better.

Next, we choose to implement ISO 14001 environmental management, as it is important that we actively minimize our impact on the environment. With this certification, everybody in the company works purposefully with a set of environmental goals and policies. It ranges from CO2 emissions from our service vehicles, to our suppliers as requirements to minimize their impact on the environment.

Thirdly, we have chosen to implement ISO 45001 health and safety management, as our employees are our most important in the company. Our employees must be able to come home safely to their families everyday. We therefore, work proactively with continuous improvements in the working safety environment and collaborate across the entire organization. Here, we make extensive use of employees involvement and our safety environment management. It will be straight from everyday life and setting our safety management goals, as well as preparing our risk assessments and identifying improvement opportunities.

Ultimately, these certifications will help to strengthen and support our employees in everyday life, and also to our company TS Tech on future projects both in Denmark and abroad.