As a long-time supporter of the sport in Esbjerg, we have signed a sponsorship with REHH. That is why today we have visited Ribe Esbjerg HH A / S ‘number 6 and Playmaker, Lukas Karlsson.

On this occasion we gathered all the men who were in the house for a joint picture.

Ribe-Esbjerg Handball cooperation with TS Tech

Our collaboration with Ribe-Esbjerg handball comes naturally.

TS Tech has throughout the years been a great advocate and supporter of the sport in Esbjerg and is a sponsor of many different sports clubs. We already support a handball team, namely Team Esbjerg and it will therefore naturally come to support the strong men’s handball team Ribe-Esbjerg Handball.

TS Tech comes in as a sponsor for an exciting time for the club. Last year was the first year the club ended in the playoffs, and expectations and plans for this year are also high (you can read more about REHH at:

“We are very excited for the future of REHH, and we are pleased that we can be part of the future of the club,” comments Thomas West, CEO of TS Tech.

Visit by Ribe-Esbjerg Handball

As mentioned in the beginning, we had a visit by Lukas Karlsson.

Lukas plays in number 6 and is the governing playmaker for REHH. Lukas comes from Sweden, but has lived and played handball in Denmark for the last 10 years.

Thank you for visiting today Lukas. We cross our fingers to go far in the cup tournament. Today’s first step is quarterfinals against TM Tønder Handball.