TS Tech has recently delivered a special project for Falck Safety Service. A training unit on which Falck Safety Service can train technicians within e.g. hydraulics, electronics and mechanics before working with offshore and onshore wind turbines.

The training unit is used to perform the training called “Basic Technical Training”, under GWO, which is the basic course all technicians must have before they start working with wind turbines offshore and on land.

Once the technicians have been through Basic Technical Training, with the training unit from Falck Safety Service, the individual companies will usually also have some extra training which is specified by the companies themselves.

The training unit is the first of its kind at Falck Safety Service. The plan is to produce even more in the near future, so that Falck Safety Service has the opportunity to send them out to their customers all over the world.

We are happy and proud of the process and the final product, which we hope will create great value at Falck Safety Service.

Watch the video to hear the CEO of Falck Safety Service Denmark, Claus Nexø, talk about the training unit, the project and the collaboration with TS Tech.

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