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What our staff say about us

When we ask our colleagues what they think, we get some honest answers back. Read some of these honest statements below.

What our staff say about us

When we ask our colleagues what they think, we get some honest answers back. Read some of these honest statements below.

Great sense of collegial cohesion

“I chose TS TECH because I’d heard through an acquaintance that they were short of people for the wind turbine industry, which I thought was a great area to work in. That was in 2013.

It's great being with TS TECH because there are many different assignments both here in Denmark and abroad. The tasks are often large and exciting and span the broader green transition, so you get to be very independent when working on an assignment like this. I also help to plan my workday with my manager, which I really appreciate.

When you ask for new tools, or whatever else you might be short of, you always get what you need.

The social aspect at TS TECH is absolutely fantastic and they do a lot for us in the form of parties and social events, which creates a very strong bond among colleagues.”

Danni Johansen, Cert Safe, Technician


A colleague recommends...

“I chose TS TECH because I’d heard from Patrick that they were a good company, and I was looking for something new anyway as I wasn’t very happy at the company where I was before.

The cool thing about working at TS TECH is that you get to have a lot of say about which assignments you want to work on. And obviously, they do a lot to ensure that we are a good team, in the form of hosting a lot of events for us.

And then, of course, we have good colleagues and bosses who are easy to approach when the need arises.” 

Carsten Callesen – Electrician


"If you are curious, you are allowed to develop yourself. We have a great work pace with fantastic colleagues, openness and plenty of freedom."

Dorthe A. Aarskov

Senior Document Controller

A versatile trainee position

“I was given an apprenticeship at TS TECH when I was looking for a placement after completing basic training as an electrician.

I applied to TS TECH because I had read that they operate in many areas within the electrical profession, mainly within industry.

I thought it sounded exciting to try to spread my wings a bit and work with things like wind, marine and offshore.

I also felt that it had the potential to open up for other opportunities in the future and that it would be able to give me a broad knowledge of several areas, rather than only working on one thing like new buildings or apartments like many apprentices end up doing for their entire apprenticeships.

The best thing about this workplace is that the tasks vary a lot, and you get to try your hand in a lot of very different areas. It is also great that there is the possibility of overtime and travel work if, like me, you fancy earning a bit of extra money during your apprenticeship. 

Besides all that, our colleagues and the great company events also help to make TS TECH a really cool workplace.” 

Nicolai Christensen – Apprentice electrician

"I have never encountered a workplace before where there is SO much freedom"

Jan Willendrup

Head of Marketing

A very special spirit...

“I chose to work at TS TECH because of their exciting work areas within energy and industry. Especially because this includes projects like wind turbines, power 2-X and CHP plants, which have always fascinated me.

My knowledge of TS TECH came from, among other things, an energy optimisation project during my studies, which also confirmed my interest in their work. I’ve enjoyed being here every day since I started. I feel that TS TECH has a unique sense of cohesion where everyone supports each other across the various professional groups. This is not only motivating; it’s also an incredibly positive workplace culture.

I appreciate my skilled and dedicated colleagues, who are always willing to help and share their experiences. The company's focus on proper planning, safety and the creation of a healthy working environment is another thing that impresses me.

Facilities here are excellent; with a large workshop, the best tools and all the machinery we need, which helps us to do our work quickly and to high standards, which is good for both customers and employees alike.

I also think it is very important that I am able to influence my work tasks. TS TECH is open to special requests, which gives me extra satisfaction in my daily work.”

Ken A. Lund – Apprentice electrician

"I was in no doubts and there are a few very clear arguments for staying on; having good colleagues, being challenged every day and the fact that we can make fun of each other – in a good way."

Suni Kjærbæk

Newly-qualified apprentice

Our team spirit...

“The reason I chose TS TECH was that I found the company interesting and was in no doubt whatsoever after my interview. I also had friends and acquaintances who worked for the company, who’d told me that it was a nice and sociable place to work.

The tasks are versatile and plentiful. You are challenged as a professional and there are opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. It is also easy to spar/get help from your colleagues.

We are provided with all the tools we need to ensure our ability to deliver the best quality. The coolest thing about working at TS TECH is definitely the team spirit. It helps to strengthen team cohesion and makes you want to go the extra mile to get to the finish line.”

Jesper Bjerrum Hansen – Cert Safe, technician